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Bear Tooth Leather is Currently Not Accepting Orders
Welcome to the Bear Tooth Leather Company. What you will find here is craftsmanship that values quality, rugged practicality and beauty of design inspired by the Old West. All of my leatherwork is entirely handmade by myself for today's cowboy and recreational shooters, handgun hunters, and collectors. Each order is given the time and attention to detail necessary to create a unique piece of Western leatherwork, whether it is from the Rivers of the West series or a one of a kind custom order.
I have throughout my life been a lover of history and the American frontier. From my childhood playing cowboys and Indians to a history major at the University of Arizona, to ranging the country as a wildlife photographer and watercolor artist, the history of the land has been a passion. I am also an avid collector of books on Western Americana which are a constant source of reference in my work.
From my enthusiasm for frontier history came an interest in the firearms of the period. I have collected and used everything from Civil War muskets to the '94 Winchester. As a teenager I purchased my first handgun, a Ruger Single Six revolver and I am still buying Ruger Vaqueros today. The desire to create my own line of holsters came after trying many different rigs, studying dozens more, and led ultimately to the Rivers of the West series. I have definite ideas, based on carrying a sixgun under varied conditions, as to the type of leather, finish, and fit a quality holster should have. I have concluded that nothing beats the original designs used by the working frontiersmen in the nineteenth century.
May you enjoy and take pride in owning any item you order from the Bear Tooth Leather Company.

The Bear Tooth Leather Company
314 Wilda Lane #B
Bozeman, MT 59718
phone: (406) 586-3082